What is SEO Marketing

What is SEO Marketing

You can create an attractive, well-designed website but if it can’t be found on the internet and you don’t implement a good SEO Marketing strategy, then why bother even building a website in the first place. 

It’s funny, I remember building a website for my sister’s construction company. When I finished it, I asked her if she wanted to promote it. You see, I built the website for free, but she needed to invest some money to promote it. She was already generating good leads from Angie’s List and was very happy with just having a website and figured she would simply just let everyone know she has a website and that this would somehow work to bring her new clients over time. So, for now, she was very content just having a website that she could tell her already existing customers about and was excited to tell her family and friends about as well. 

There are a tremendous number of companies out there that pour thousands of dollars into a great looking website (and some very poor looking websites) and leave it at that. 

You see, many people don’t realize what a powerful tool a website can be for driving traffic to their site.

Driving Increased Traffic

Driving increased traffic to your website is the key to having a successful website and using search engines to drive increased traffic is the best way to grow your business. 

SEO Marketing is where you need to go to start building a strategy that will exponentially drive increased traffic to your site. With the right SEO Marketing strategy, you can set your business up for long-term success. Therefore, a company’s goal should be to show up on top of the first page of a search engines results page (SERP) when a potential customer is looking for the products or services that you provide. 

Optimizing your website so that these customers can find you is SEO Marketing.

SEO Marketing encompasses all the tasks it takes to optimize a website so that it can rank well in the search engines. 

It’s like showing up on the front cover of a highly publicized magazine or phone book. It’s much better to place an Ad on the front cover than it would be to place one on page 283, because more people will see your Ad. 

The better the website ranks, the more traffic it has and basically the goal is to be included in the top search results for a particular keyword or phrase. Competition for search engine rankings can be cutthroat (depending on the niche). 

SEO Marketing can help companies identify which keywords will be more effective in driving traffic to their website and this is where web marketing strategies come in. 

A reputable SEO Company has many certified methods that deliver results and SEO Marketing can help fine-tune their strategy to maintain their ranking. This is a must since thousands of new websites are popping up every day.

Nowadays, web marketing experts offer a highly specialized technical support which comes in the form of SEO Marketing services. 

Two common services offered are keyword research and Copywriting. 

Once the right keywords and phrases for a target market have been determined, they are utilized to optimize web content, which includes articles. Keywords are embedded into the website through press releases and articles, to keep the public interested and engaged. 

SEO service provides can give their clients recommendations on how to write and publish these materials. 

A good SEO service provider will provide services to write the articles themselves, as well as distribute press releases and articles. 

This is known as back-linking, a method for providing more points of access to a website, not just the website itself and SEO service providers have established techniques and practices to accomplish this.

Direct Marketing

The benefits of search engine optimization marketing over traditional marketing methods (direct marketing) are many but the ultimate results are a high ranking is a search engine results pages. That ensures a significant online presence for years to come and translates into big profits. 

There are many search engines on the world wide web with the most popular being Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Each with different algorithms for searching the internet’s web pages, images, videos and much more. 

An excellent SEO company can help businesses in their SEO Marketing campaigns and optimize their websites so that they get high rankings in as many search terms as possible.

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