How does a Mobile Strategy Relate to SEO?

How does a Mobile Strategy Relate to SEO

A mobile strategy is the process of putting together a mobile marketing plan which is the practice of enabling companies to engage with their customers in an interactive manner via their mobile devices. This wireless marketing solution is said to be “the most powerful medium ever invented” – NY Times. Ultimately, mobile marketing provides the ability for organizations to target consumers directly on the devices they carry with them always, and with nearly 60% of all online searches occurring on mobile devices you can understand why this is true.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of driving free traffic (also known as organic) to a website from search engines (Google, Bing. Yahoo etc..) via natural search results. 

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So now, simply combine these two and what you get is…

A mobile marketing strategy for engaging with the consumer that enables your customers to easily find you on their mobile devices. The best way to build a mobile strategy is to develop your own mobile app, this way you can build your mobile strategy around your company’s app and tie it to your brand. One of the key features of a mobile app (built for a business), is to make it easy for customers to submit great reviews. In turn great reviews lead to improved SEO. You should also develop a progressive web app (mobile apps that run in a browser separately from a website), this is better than a responsive webpage because it specifically designed to run on a mobile device only, providing a much better user experience on the mobile device which again leads to improved SEO.

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When it comes to mobile strategy it’s important to understand that the mobile landscape is continually changing so you need to build a high-level mobile strategy that can withstand these changes. A business looks at a mobile strategy as “more screens equal more dollars”, but you must implement a strategy that is User First.

There’s a lot more that goes into building a great mobile strategy and growing it with SEO but understanding the importance of having a mobile strategy in the first place will help you towards making the right decision on how to proceed.

Ultimately, you’ll use SEO techniques to optimize your mobile strategy. So, the relationship is clear, you implement the two as a goal to achieving greater results.

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