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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our affordable local SEO services focus on driving tremendous traffic to your website with exposure on mainstream media sites that we partner with. The strategies we use go far beyond the standard practices that most local seo companies utilize to get your company ranking in the top position on Google search results. We start by building a powerful foundation around your company website that tell Google you are in business and that social media is well aware of it.

Local SEO Services are ideal for businesses with actual physical locations that want to build their presence locally. Schedule a call to find out more, I guarantee! you won’t go wrong using the best local SEO services in town.

We truly want to help our customers succeed. As an Internet Marketing Company, we take pride in our work and love knowing that our customers are enjoying a great ROI. If you feel like you need to learn more about search engine marketing or simply want to get a better understanding of our services for small business, then please read on. Learn how Search Engine Optimization for local business can deliver new customers and increased sales.

Confused by Online Marketing?

What is so confusing about Online Marketing? I stopped to think about this question for a few minutes. Since I have a greater understanding of Local Search Engine Optimization than most, I think it’s simple but there are a lot of variables. Which led me to realize that it can also be very difficult for someone who is just learning. So, unfortunately the answer is that it’s both difficult and easy. Like anything, years of experience can make a task seem easy but with Google constantly updating their algorithm. We really need to stay on top of any changes because if we don’t it could prove to be disastrous.

As a Local SEO Company that specializes in offering the best local SEO services in town. We understand what needs to get done to create a great web marketing strategy. If you want your website rankings to show up on the first page of a search engines results. Simply put, there are over 500 factors in Google’s algorithm that determine the results of a search. Google changes their algorithm often. Some factors out rank others, so understanding which of these factors are most important is crucial to your business ranking at the top of a search engines results page. We’ll analyze your website and compare these factors to your top competitors. The ones showing up on the first page of a search result, for a targeted keyword. This information will keep you from over compensating. You will see exactly what you need in-order to get your website ranking on the first page of Google.

Do you have the time for Seach Engine Optimization?

So, you see, it gets complicated when you need to understand all these factors. As a business owner do you really have time to learn all this. If a family member needed surgery, you’d want to learn a little about the surgery, but would you go to school for 8 years to become a surgeon just to do the operation yourself. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t brain surgery. But, it does take some time to really understand proper Local Search Engine Optimization.

This is obvious reasoning but there are many business owners/managers who are willing to take these tasks on themselves. This is okay, if they have plenty of extra time to spend on learning Online Marketing. If business is running smoothly and you just want more customers, then I highly recommend you learn Search Engine Optimization. Or if you have no customers coming through your website than this is an absolute must.

Now you’re asking yourself, where do I start? You really only have three options.

  1. Learn Search Engine Optimization on your own. Check out YouTube, there are tons of free videos. You can also purchase courses, they run anywhere from Free to several thousand dollars. I’ve seen some courses for as high as $20,000.
  2. Hire a full-time SEO expert (they average $51,113 per year)
  3. Or… hire us, we’ll handle all your search marketing needs. Check out our SEO Services, but only if you truly want the best local SEO services in town.

Continue to learn more about Google’s Algorithm and what factors you need to optimize for good local search engine optimization. You’ll also want to look in to our affordable local SEO services to learn more about how our partnerships with over 400 mainstream media outlets can deliver incredible traffic to your business.

Let’s talk about the most crucial factors in Google’s algorithm. Why focus on just Google, what about Bing and Yahoo? As of 2018, Google owns 90.3% of the worldwide search market share with Bing at 3.21% and Yahoo at 2.06%. Google owns 93.39% of the Mobile search engine market share as of June 2018. Unbelievable numbers, but there’s no question as to who the search engine champion is.

Google’s Algorithm

Now let’s go over the most commonly known factors in Google’s algorithm, but keep in mind that this can change at any time. Google continually updates its algorithm, therefore there’s never a guarantee on your website ranking at the top.

  1. – Domain URL for Keyword Match
  2. – On-Page for Content and keywords
  3. – Mobile-App get reviews that boost rankings
  4. – Site-Level for Trust and Value
  5. – Backlinks for Authority and Relevance
  6. – User Interaction, more Clicks more Traffic
  7. – Brand Signals with Anchor Text

- Domain

Everything from the age of a domain name to the domain expiration date can be factors in your website rankings. Google looks at the history of a domain name to determine its legitimacy. If you purchased privacy protection for your domain name, Google might think that you’re trying to hide something.

EMD’s (Exact Match Domains) are not as important as they once were but they can still give you a slight edge. This would be a domain name that has your product or service keyword or phrase in its name. For example, “duiattorney.com” would be an EMD. It helps to have such a name, but this alone will not rank you on the first page. You would also be trapped inside that domain name. So, a DUI Attorney with this domain-name would need a separate domain-name if they wanted to rank for divorce services.

Google loves brand names. So, building a brand is a wonderful way to rank on Google’s first page. Then you can use keywords on inner-pages to combine your brand with your product or service. For example, a great URL would be “https://nike.com/red-sneaker/”.

- On-Page

Adding specific keywords through-out your website’s content is extremely important. If I’m trying to rank for the keyword phrase “local seo company”. I would use the phrase through-out this article so that Google understands what this article is about. When someone then searches for “local seo company”, Google will search for the best possible answer to that person’s query. Ultimately, Google’s number one goal is to provide the searcher with the best possible answer to their query.

However, you need to be careful not to simply stuff your content with keywords. I can’t just add “local seo company” to every sentence or paragraph in this article. It needs to make sense to the reader. You also need to add specific keywords to your HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). This includes your Title Tags, Description Tags and your H1 Tags within each page that you’d like to rank. So, if your articles primary focus was on implementing a strategy on affordable local seo services. Then you want to make sure you add the phrase “affordable local seo services” to some of the tags on that specific page.


Content Length is another factor. Using content with more words and wider breadth are preferred by Google’s algorithm over shorter content. Keyword density helps Google determine the page topic. While providing depth in the topic by covering every angle will provide an edge over partially covered topics. Duplicate content (even if on the same site) and if slightly modified can still negatively influence your page ranking. Therefore, it’s important to write and distribute unique content through-out your site.

Page loading speed can also be an important algorithm factor. But even more crucial, is your website visitors bouncing (leaving) before your page finishes loading. When this happens (and it will) it’s likely that they will never return. You will also see different page loading speeds between desktop and mobile. So, as more and more people are searching on their mobile devices, it’s important to also be mobile ready. These are typically easy fixes but there’s much more to simply making minor adjustments to your site to improve website rankings.

- Site-Level

Domain Trust falls into this category. Many professionals believe that “TrustRank” is extremely important for website rankings. It’s starts with Google’s most recent change from HTTP to HTTPS or SSL Certificate. If you don’t have an SSL Certificate activated on your site. Your visitor will get an ominous message that “Your connection to this site is not secure”. Likely chasing potential customers away.

Server location can influence where your rankings in various locations. Lots of site downtime can also hurt your rankings. Not having a “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Notice” can affect your site negatively. User reviews and your sites reputation can have an enormous effect on your website rankings. If a site is difficult to navigate, not only can this affect your rankings but even worse, drive customers away.

Content provides value. Google has said, “they are happy to penalize sites that don’t bring anything new or useful to the table”. And that they prefer sites with an “appropriate amount of contact information” and that the contact info matches your whois info. 

Still Confused! Let’s Keep Going.

- Backlinks

Probably, the most complicated part of managing a small business online marketing strategy, is setting up backlinks. Understanding what type of links work best and what anchors to use can be very confusing. Backlinks from aged domains may be more powerful than backlinks from new domains. However, the number of referring domains is an important website ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. With another crucial factor being the number of total links, even from within the same domain.

Authority and relevance of the link is also important. Other types of links, such as Guest Posts don’t carry as much link-juice but are still important. According to Google, links from .gov or .edu domains don’t factor into the importance of rankings.

Links can either be DoFollow or NoFollow. Best practice is to have a certain percentage of DoFollow & NoFollow links so that they appear natural. Also having a sizable percentage of links coming from a single source may appear unnatural to Google. Internal links are also important, although they don’t carry as much link-juice as anchor texts coming from external websites.

- User-Interaction

RankBrain is Google’s Ai (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm. Many Search Engine Optimization professionals believe that its main purpose is to measure user interaction with search results. While also tracking Organic CTR (Click Thru Rate) for Keywords and Bounce Rate. We’re not sure how important bounce rate is for website rankings, but nevertheless it’s a respectable number to track.

The amount of traffic to a website is also very important for rankings. This tells Google that people are interested in your site. While repeat visitors will also boost your rankings. The number of comments on a website signals user-interaction, which Google really likes. In fact, Google stated that “comments can help a lot with rankings”.

- Brand-Signals

Using Branded anchor text is a very simple yet very strong brand signal. If people search for your brand in Google, this indicates to Google that your site is a real brand. And as I stated earlier in the article, Google loves brands. So, they are more likely to place your site in search results more often. So, if I earned an external link with an authoritative site like CNN. I would want CNN to place an anchor link on their website that looked like this iMedia Mason. It would be a big mistake to place an anchor link that read “Click Here”. Because although this might get me some traffic, this would do nothing for my brand.

Social Media now plays a bigger part than it did a few years ago. As brands tend to have linked social media accounts with lots of likes and/or followers. Having a LinkedIn company page can boost rankings as-well. Google CEO Eric Schimdt stated that “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results”. You can create the illusion of being a BIG brand by simply doing all these things and more.

In Summary

There is much I did not cover in this article. Remember there are over 500 factors in Google’s algorithm that we use to determine what needs tweaking to get the biggest effect in rankings. Search Engine Optimization can be overwhelming and should be initiated by a Local SEO Company that provides the best services or at minimum has an SEO Expert that understands how to best provide these services for local and small business.

The most important factors are…

  • Referring Domains (Links)
  • Traffic (Click Thru Rate - Traffic that converts)
  • Content Quality and Quantity
  • Total Backlinks
  • Visitor Dwell Time
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Readiness

At iMedia Mason we optimize websites for all the factors that need to be optimized. This varies depending on the products or services that your company provides. However, we don’t waste time working on factors that don’t matter. As your Local SEO Company, we do our best to deliver services at the lowest price possible. We do this by only focusing on what works, and we don’t optimize for those factors that do very little (if anything) towards website rankings. We’re also careful not to over-optimize, as this too can be a waste of time and money for both us and our clients.

If you’re still confused about Online Marketing, there is still a lot more that I haven’t covered. If I where to cover EVERYTHING about Online Marketing in this article. Not only would it be too long to write, it would need to be updated many times by the time I finished it. However, the good news is that you could search the web for the millions of articles available. I’ve probably read over 10,000 of these articles, No way! I guess it just feels that way.

About iMedia Mason

We’re good at what we do because we love what we do. Give us the opportunity to help your local business grow, try out one of our small business marketing strategies and we’ll work hard to earn your business and build your trust. We look forward to the opportunity of providing you with the best local SEO services that are second to none. We can’t wait to start implementing a strategy that will bring your business new customers now and for years to come. It’s simple to get started, just give us a call and lets talk about getting you more customers.

In Conclusion

iMedia Mason provides affordable local SEO services that can increase traffic 3 fold at minimum. We’re able to do this because of our over 400 partnerships with mainstream media outlets. iMedia Mason is not your standard SEO Agency, in fact we’re very different.

The main reason more businesses are partnering with iMedia Mason is because we follow through on our promises. Before getting started, we’ll explain how we will increase exposure to your website by getting you top rankings on  Google Search Results. Our SEO strategies will drive more targeted customers to your products and/or services, which in turn will grow your business. Find out more about our Organic SEO Services.

We offer two guarantees with Local SEO Services at iMedia Mason.

  1. We’ll work hard to deliver the best local SEO services in town.
  2. If by the “recommended time period” you don’t see the expected results that we offered, we’ll continue the service for free until you see those results (you must complete the recommended time period of service, Or as otherwise stated on the plan purchased).

At iMedia Mason we truly care about your success and we’ll work hard to get your website ranking in the top position on the first page of Google’s Search Results. If you forget our name, just search Google for the “best local SEO services in town“, you’ll find us at the top.