Why You Should Not Ignore Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

We are addicted to our phones, in fact, on average 65% of 18 to 54-year-old users can’t go for more than an hour without checking their smartphone. 

In 2018, it’s expected that adults in the U.S., will spend an average 3 ½ hours on their smartphones completing non-voice tasks. 79% of people use their smartphone for checking emails (more than for calling).

Mobile Apps are key to building a great mobile marketing strategy. 

Just think about how you use your cell phone. Do You grab your smartphone immediately after waking up, because more than 50% of users do. How much time do you spend on your smartphone? 

Reading emails, surfing the web, searching for a product, driving to or searching for a location, playing a game, checking your schedule or tasks, texting, watching videos/movies, or maybe just talking.

If you’re a business owner there are many important reasons why you should not ignore mobile marketing, but the most important reason is that your competitors are or will be very soon. 

This is the wave of the future and there’s no stopping it. 

So, you either need to be ready or you will be over-run by the competition. The fact is that more than 20% of small companies go out of business within the first year and 90% within 10 years. 

If you want to position your business for success than you’ll want to get your very own mobile app to start building a mobile strategy to grow your business.

So, which Mobile Marketing Strategy is Best for Your Business?

Why You Should Not Ignore Mobile Marketing-Strategy

The answer lies in the research, you’ll need to do some research to tap into your audience and to figure out what resonates with your audience. 

Once you have this information you need to begin building your mobile marketing strategy. In fact, you may need to build a few strategies as you will most likely be dealing with multiple type audiences. But the one thing that everyone has in common, is a smartphone. 

You will need a strategy that includes a mobile app so that you can be where your customers are at all times, on their smartphones.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a method of establishing communication with the targeted consumer through their mobile devices. 

The primary method of communication via this medium is SMS (Short Message Service) which encourages the consumer to visit their mobile website or motivating them to participate in an audience-based campaign. 

Other tools of the business and some of the concepts used in mobile marketing are MMS (SMS with images), USSD, Bluetooth, infrared, wireless social media, mobile internet, and mobile applications which are quickly becoming popular with small business.

Mobile Marketing not only enables people to connect to the internet through their cell phones, but also strengthens various communication mediums in easy and efficient channels. It’s also cheaper than traditional marketing resources for both marketer and consumer.

Why You Should Not Ignore Mobile Marketing-texting

In the United States, mobile marketing technology wasn’t used widely until a few years back. In 2016, 8.3 trillion text messages were sent worldwide, that’s trillion with a T

The number of mobile users is double the number of active email users in the U.S. and even more importantly these mobile marketing texts were read within fifteen minutes and the average response was within 1 hour compared to email, in which response times took up to several days and even weeks.

In thirty countries, the ratio of population to the number of mobile devices is 1:1. Eighty percent of the population in the United States are active mobile users. Sixty percent of earth’s population (about 4 billion people) are using mobile on a regular basis. 

China, has more than 400 million subscribers. These facts prove that mobile marketing has a wide scope in the world of marketing and it’s the only medium which provides an easy path for companies to market their products to the consumer. 

Coverage of mobile network connections is continually increasing with the number of subscribers also increasing.

Mobile SMS Marketing is an exciting medium in the world of marketing. 

It provides a meaningful method to reach the targeted audience at the right time with the best offer in the form of SMS. The effectiveness of SMS marketing can be determined by the fact that the majority of people can’t live without it. We’re sending texts many times a day, which proves the ability to achieve instant access to the targeted consumer anywhere at any time. 

SMS marketing is the new communication medium for increasing the response rate in a marketing campaign and means that customers can be easily engaged.

There are several interesting methods for SMS marketing to boost your business. 

One, is to distribute vouchers or coupons through SMS. These coupons can be easily redeemed. Alerts, updates and reminders about appointments are an excellent method for service providers and can attract customers. For example, a car repair company sends an SMS to its client reminding them about servicing their vehicle. 

Even several banks and cellular network providers are using this technique to provide several easy features to their customers.

There are many other great methods for mobile marketing. 

One such method is marketing through Bluetooth proximity (which comes with a limited reach), allowing for reach to a targeted audience in close proximity. 

Businesses can send ads, images, business cards and can also contact people through audio without need of their mobile number. 

This kind of mobile marketing is used in trade shows, activities and events in which customer cell phones are in close proximity of the Bluetooth device.

I’ve said a lot about SMS but there’s a new contender and it’s called a mobile app for business. This is very different than a mobile app one might download to play a game or to accomplish a task. 

In fact, a mobile phone application (mobile app) is a fantastic tool in the field of mobile marketing. A mobile app developed for a business can be used for ordering, sending geo-targeted push notifications, reservations, social media, reviews and much more. In fact, mobile apps for business seem to have limitless possibilities. 

But the popularity of mobile applications for small business has only recently begun to grow. There are several reasons behind the increased popularity, starting with the popularity of the smartphone itself. 

Which is the device needed for installing and running the mobile app. In short, you need a piece of hardware (the Smartphone) for the software (the App) to work.

Companies are targeting these mobile applications to sell and market their products. 

This marketing strategy provides a spectacular experience to their consumer which is relevant to the marketed product. 

Companies achieve their aim by also offering new benefits, rewards, creation, entertainment, collaboration and communities to the mobile user for daily requirements. 

For example, amazon is offering a new mobile application which allows shoppers to search products by uploading a photo of what they are looking to buy.

Why You Should Not Ignore Mobile Marketing-statistics

Various companies are offering their customers free ringtones, wallpaper, mobile games and tagging advertisement with each of these features to market their product. 

Effectiveness of SMS mobile marketing is evident with a high open rate, 82% of surveyed respondents said they open every SMS text they receive. 

So, we can see in the numbers why SMS is so widely used all around the world to advertise products. Several companies are taking tactical advantage of this incredible medium by advertising their products and offers.

Mobile marketing is an interactive and meaningful medium for interacting with consumers. It gives instant access to customers irrespective of time and location. 

Mobile Marketing produces a higher response compared to other marketing mediums. 

If your company is not utilizing this powerful weapon to sell products or services, then you need to replace your direct marketing plans with a mobile marketing strategy that will increase sales and decrease advertising costs. 

You will see the difference in the results and you will power-up your business for success.

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