About Us

Hi, I’m Oscar Moguel - SEO Specialist

Thank you for your interest in our Internet Marketing Services. I now work at Solution21, a fine company that has been providing internet services to the medical industry for close to 15 years. I’m the SEO specialist at Solution21. You can reach me at 949-556-9175 or go to https://www.solution21.com

Our services are provided by Google Certified partners. We also have certifications from the Lurn Academy and Outrank Institute. These are two of the most prestigious and well-known companies in the world for Internet marketing research and training. They keep us up to date on the latest in Internet Marketing Strategies and Techniques. However, our real-world experience is what sets Solution21 apart from any other SEO out there. Working on your behalf, we will learn about your business, your customers, your prospects, your markets and your competition, while always keeping your information strictly confidential.

Here what we can do for you:

  • We’ll place you on the front page of Googles Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Use Email Marketing to capture these same customers so that you can continue to sell to them.
  • Generate tons of referrals using Social Media.
  • Clean up your act, we’ll improve your reviews using a patented technique.
  • We’ll develop a Mobile App for your company for your customers use.
  • Generate succinct, well-organized, creative copy that engages your readers.

A:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving search engine rankings. When you enter text into Google™ Search Engine, Google returns page results based on relevance and authority. Relevance is measured by keywords entered and location of the device you are searching from while authority is mostly measured by analyzing the number and quality of links from other web pages. In simple terms your web pages have the potential to rank in Google™ so long as other web pages link to them.

A: SEO is a necessary investment with a high rate of return and when you combine it with your Website’s analytics data, you will learn how to dramatically increase conversion rates. If you are not showing up on the top of Google’s first page, then you are losing customers and money to the competition. Improving your ranking to one of the top 3 spots on Googles first page, where most clicks occur, can provide a massive return on your modest investment into SEO. It’s why SEO has been compared with investing in real estate, the returns can be tremendous when you get it right.

A: It depends on several things, how long has your website been active, how much (if any) SEO has previously been done on it, in what shape is the website, how much content does it have, what link profiles have been set up, what keywords do you need to rank for and many other SEO factors. No two websites are alike and starting from the same place, even when they are in the same industry. So, in short, there are no easy answers. It could take anywhere from 4 months to a year to start seeing some results then once you get to where you want to be, you need to continue to monitor and maintain traffic to your website.

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