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SEO Media Strategies for Small Business

As an Internet Marketing Company, we understand which SEO Strategies work, and which do not. We strive to provide the best Internet Marketing Service possible with the idea that we do all the work while our clients gain all the benefits.

Many Internet Marketing Services utilize many different tactics to drive traffic and improve rankings. They use tactics that have very little if any effects on rankings. Their goal is to be able to deliver reports to their clients reflecting all of the work they are doing. Re-assuring their clients that they are working hard at all the different tasks needed to provide a good SEO Strategy.

So as-long-as the client see’s that work is being done, they will agree to continue to pay for the services, even though there are no real results. But the truth is that many of these Internet marketing strategies do not work and are in fact a waste of time.

Most Internet marketing companies use keyword tools to do their keyword research, tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush. Now, keep in mind that Google generates 97% of their revenue from Google Ads (pay-per-clicks). They keep their search algorithm a secret because they do not want agencies to figure out their algorithm. Because if they did, this would take away most of their revenue. And trust me there are plenty out there trying to figure it out, I’ve met a few of them. Besides that, Google is really trying to deliver good search results and that takes a complex algorithm.

Bottom line, Internet marketing companies are trying all sorts of tactics to get rankings for their clients. Here are some basic SEO Strategies that most Internet Marketing Services use.

  • On-Page SEO or Technical Page Optimization
  • Optimize Content for Pages and Blogs
  • Optimize Title Tags and Descriptions
  • Publish Content with more than 2,000 Words
  • Keyword Research that Include Undiscovered Keywords
  • Generate Links, Social Shares and Traffic Though Social Media
  • Links to Authority Sites
  • Citation Listings
  • Purchased Traffic
  • Special Tools for analyzing Google's Algorithm
  • Clean Up or Fix Broken Links
  • Steal Competitors Best Keywords
  • Purchase Automated Tools that do some of these Tasks on Autopilot

You can find hundreds if not thousands of SEO Experts that are willing to train those who are interested in learning how to create an Internet marketing strategy. Or more specifically an SEO Strategy for small business that delivers quick traffic. Typically, these experts will show you proof of their success because they are offering training programs that teach the latest and greatest SEO techniques that deliver rankings.

They always claim to know the secrets to the best strategies, with many of them seeming like “get rich schemes”. Hey! there’s good money in it, but don’t get me wrong there are some good SEO Experts out there who know what they’re doing.

So how do you find the right Internet marketing company that can provide the right SEO strategy for your small business or that can at minimum, provide a strategy that really works and delivers results.

As an SEO marketing company that specializes in small business strategies, we have the right solution. We provide a very powerful SEO Media Strategy that leverages our special relationships with our over 400 mainstream media outlets. These links will provide both High Authority Links, while providing traffic at the same time. We also generate Niche Guest Post using the same system that the top Internet marketing company in the world uses.

We Do NOT do what everyone else is doing because much of it is a waste of time. If I were to send time optimizing your website, I would need to charge for that work even though the work brought you no traffic. In fact, you can have the most optimized, responsive, beautiful website and I guarantee that will bring you zero traffic.

If I build thousands of links to your website, I will be charging you for all this work. Keep in mind that some heavy very competitive keywords do require thousands of links.

We Do NOT guarantee rankings, but we Do guarantee results. We’re able to keep our costs low because we don’t waste time optimizing for the type of things that do not provide results and we pass those savings on to you. As your dedicated SEO marketing company, we’ll focus on what works with our small business strategies that deliver BIG results.

How it Works

First let me start by explaining what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website, both on-page and off-page. For the purpose of making it easy for search engines to find your website. Essentially online marketing for your business. The largest and most well-known Search Engine is Google but there are others such as Yahoo and Bing.

On-Page optimization involves many things including creating specific content with keywords that best describe what your potential customers may be typing in to Google Search when searching for your products or services. As well as having a Secure Site with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and making sure your website looks good when accessed from a mobile device. There are many other factors such as internal page linking and mobile readiness. But most important is the content within your page title and meta description. Titles give your potential customers a quick insight into the content of a result and why its relevant to their query. Many times, it’s the primary piece of information used to decide which result to click on, so it’s essential to use high-quality titles on your web pages.

Off-Page optimization involves many more factors, too many to mention in this article. The most important is link building. However, this gets complicated. You can get links from anywhere. You can buy them, ask for them or create them yourself but not all links are created equal. Links need to be relevant to the product or service that you offer. Additionally, the more authority the links has the better. If you offer a service, you want your website to tell search engines that you are an expert with authority and you can be trusted. You can do this by having the right links coming in to your website.

We start by gathering information about your business, your products and/or services. Before we begin, we need to understand your customers persona(s). We’ll develop a plan and confirm it with you before proceeding to the next step. What’s important here, is that we understand your expectations of our service and what ultimate goals you are needing to achieve.

Our Process

Research: We’ll need to determine what keywords your customers are typing into the Google search engine to find the products or services that you offer. These are phrases that your customers use when searching the Internet for the products or services that you provide. Once we determine which Keyword/Phrases we should go after. We’ll write the proper Title & Meta Description for that web-page.

– Incredibly, over 70% of all websites are not indexed by Google.

Foundation: We’ll then build a powerful Social Media fortress around your website. This will protect you from negative content about your company that you may already have or that could arise in the future. This also tells Google that you have are serious business and that you’re here to do business. 

– Artists such as Adele and Justin Bieber where discovered over Social Media.

Authority: We’ll provide link wrapping, high authority blogs with on-page optimization, interlinking with social signals and other links to boost up your links, and include Stacking DA to increase site trust and authority. This is a powerfully unique process that powers up your social media links and strengthens your social fortress.

– This strategy is great for establishing trust sites, building reputation, stacking metrics. Link juice is still the foundation behind rankings, with the help of link wrapping, we can easily target the page and boost up all the links in there.

Citations: For local visibility we’ll built citations (local listings) and maps so your business is listed properly.

– Incredibly, most people think that a website is only for selling a physical product. First and foremost, a website is a marketing tool that (if setup properly) will help to expand your customer base, enhance your advertising efforts and help build positive credibility for your company.

Links: We build links because it’s key to moving your website up in the rankings and getting your business to show up on the first page of a search engines results. We’ll build Relevant Authority Links that will deliver tremendous traffic to your website. This will help to identify your business in search engines as a website that has Authority.

– This is where the tricks of the trade come in. How do you get a popular website in a related niche to place an article with a link on their website that points to your website?

This Amazing unique strategy comes from combing all of these steps into one process and in a way that will over-power the competition. Giving you a unique advantage that will drive more traffic to your business than you thought possible.

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Why Your Business Needs SEO Now!

Our main goal is to place a company’s digital presence in the highest possible position of a search results page. The process is based on keywords, relevance, and authority. More than 6 billion searches happen every day, just with Google alone! These people are searching for something they need or looking for a solution to their problem.

You need an Internet marketing company that can deliver an SEO Strategy that will increase traffic to your local business. The right SEO marketing company can optimize your already existing strategy or create a new strategy that delivers increased traffic to your site and generates increased repeat business exponentially and for years to come.

Drive More to Your Site

Go to our analyzer to request a FREE website analysis for your business. Or request a more comprehensive analysis that we will deliver to your email in the form of a short video. The analysis will help us determine whether or not our services are a good fit for your business.

Search has become an extremely powerful tool because it expresses an intent. With more and more people searching on their mobile devices to find what they need when they need it. Our SEO Media Strategies are an absolute must if local businesses want to survive in today’s internet-driven marketplace.

We can help you with our unique SEO strategy for small business that will deliver tremendous results with a great ROI. We utilize smart media strategies to bring in new customers and increase repeat business. If you’re asking yourself, what about “My Site Rankings”, we have the knowledge needed to get you ranked on the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We can’t guarantee rankings, but we will guarantee Results, and we deliver.

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Ranking in the top position on search engine result pages (SERP) for your local company, is an absolute must for your business to prosper. Understanding how to properly use keywords to identify not just your products and or services but more importantly your brand to users will lead to huge cost savings and much better click-through rates leading to increased traffic and revenue. Organic local search results can deliver unlimited traffic and bring tremendous growth to your business.

Most business owners have not yet fully grasped the importance of being found online. Already technology is moving towards Ai (Artificial Intelligence) which is already becoming a search tool. Google knows this and has already invested millions into this technology. Don’t get left behind because you don’t understand, let us be your eyes and ears for your SEO needs.

iMedia Mason is an Internet Marketing Company that offers proven SEO Strategies for Small Businesses that will generate new customers for your business exponentially and for years to come. Our Internet Marketing Services will provide you with an SEO Media Strategy that is second to none and works 100% of the time. Search, call or email us to find out more.

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